Thursday, August 4, 2011

The ultimate goal of off-site SEO

The ultimate goal of off-site SEO is to build a good online reputation by creating links to the website. Many people still believe this is just about creating as many links as possible. But the search engines have become more sophisticated and SEO has followed suit. Link building is now focused on relevance, the page rank of the site from which the link has come, the type of link and the text associated with the link (anchor text). So, yes, you need a substantial number of links, but the quality of each link is more important than overall quantity.

SEO - Is It All You Need?

It is unlikely that there is a single small business out there striving for online success which is not taking SEO (Search Engine Optimization) seriously and with very good reason. It is a business SEO strategy that will determine how quickly a website achieves a high ranking in the search engines, how well it maintains its ranking and ultimately how many visitors it receives.