Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to Use Directory Links for Website Promotion

If you have just launched your site, it will receive immediate visits from search engine spiders along with the indexing and listing that results from these visits. You can wait an awful long time for a search engine listing unless you use some way of providing a short-cut for search engines such as Google to discover your site. However, because an article or link directory is visited frequently by search engines, directory links will lead them straight to your web pages.

Unless the link directory or article directory uses the 'nofollow' attribute you will get a share of the Google PageRank of the web page on which your website or article is published. Some directories use the 'nofollow' attribute that prevents you getting that PR share, so avoid these if you can, although many provide the straight link for a fee. The benefits of the link are usually worth the money.

Another reason for website promotíon using directory links from a website or an article directory is that visitors to such directories will click on your link. With link directories, the link is the URL anchor link in the listing itself, while in article marketing, the link to your site comes from a URL you place within a section known as the author's resource box that usually appears after the main text of the article.

Writing articles is a particularly useful method of website promotion because you use anchor text for your links, regarded by Google as offering a better way of optimizing the article than just a straight URL. The anchor text should relate either to the theme of the article or of the web page you are promoting.

While website directories generally publish the URL of your domain, an article can be published in an article directory with the URL of any page in your website you want to promote. Links deep into your website such as these provide significant advantages in promoting your entire site in the search engines rather than just the Home Page.

How do you use directory links to promote your website? What are the mechanics? The procedure is really quite simple, and we'll discuss it here, first with link directories and then with article directories.

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