Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What is Syndicate ?

If you've followed the above suggestions for creating website content, by now you should have a massive amount of content. But what do you do with it to give it maximum exposure?

Syndicate it. Syndication means sharing it to as many other websites as possible.

Here's a few quick tips of whats possible.

- Submit your articles to as many article directories as possible.

- Submit the videos you created to as many video sharing sites as possible.

- Submit your podcasts to as many podcasting sites as possible.

- Join two to three related articles together and create a pdf and submit to pdf websites

- Look at the articles you've created and take the main points out of them, to create more in depth articles on each point.

- Take those new articles and start creating more videos and other media.

That all sounds like a lot of work, but there are many websites that can do the hard work automatically for you. Pixelpipe and Traffic Geyser are good places to start looking.

Bear in mind that some article directories will not accept articles if they've been submitted elsewhere, so you may have to rewite some articles. But you're doing that anyway when you break your content into more in depth articles.

Always remember the more places your website content appears on the more likely it is to be discovered and therefore gain you exposure and traffic to your website.

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