Saturday, July 23, 2011

The benefits of interacting with Web 2.0 sites

Another thing to think about when you're playing on these sites is that frequently they're "self sustaining" networks. They use their own algorithms to determine which sites to make more prominent in the network. Sometimes it comes down to how many backlinks you have, but a huge part of it is the more "internal" factors of the site.

Exploring Web 2.0: Second Generation Interactive Tools
Remember that these are social sites. Don't just put up content and walk away... to get the most out of them you need to interact with the site. Comment on other pages, vote on other sites. For every action you do you get a link back to your page, and the system recognizes that you're active on the site and favors you accordingly. Everything you do produces a benefit. Don't lose sight of this fact.

This is how web 2.0 sites are inherently different from sites of yore. Try doing this with an article directory!

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