Sunday, July 24, 2011

Choosing Web 2.0 sites to use

Don't get too hung up on which sites to use. When you find one that you're able to use, I recommend that you watch your website stats. If you see that certain sites are sending traffic and others aren't, focus on the ones that are.
Most web hosting companies will give you a basic stats package where you can see where the traffic is coming to your site from: Learn how to use this. And don't worry about the "nofollow" tag. (The tag that some sites add to their outgoing links that tells the search engines not to pay attention to that link. It was introduced a few years back to try to curb comment spam in blogs. It's considered a problem for internet marketers because a backlink with a "nofollow" tag doesn't really count as a backlink.) Even with the nofollow tag, people will visit a website, read your content and then visit your site.

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