Sunday, July 24, 2011

Promoting your promotions

An important concept here is the idea of not just promoting your affiliate site, but promoting the sites that are promoting your affiliate sites. Promoting your promotions.

Web 2.0: How-To for Educators
Put it this way: Instead of just submitting an article to and getting a little bit of traffic from people who find that article in the search engines, why not try promoting that article so that it goes up in the search engines and you get more traffic? Why have just ONE site ranking well in the search engines when you can have TEN?

Here's a story: A while ago a friend of mine approached my team and said "help!". There was one site appearing very highly in the search engines that had all his contact details on it: His home address, his phone number, everything. He asked if we could somehow push it down the search engine results. Well, we used this method of putting content on the web 2.0 sites, promoting and cross-promoting them, and within a few hours we had 16 of the top slots in Google.

Can you imagine what you would do with 16 of the top 20 spots in Google?

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